Hand Crafted Estate Wines

Wine Maker

We've teamed up with award winning Ramona winemaker, John York, formerly of Hellanback Ranch Winery. John is focused on making premium quality wines that express the qualities of the vineyard. He believes in using traditional winemaking methods and lots of hands-on attention to the process, starting with a focus on the vineyard.

John began making wine in 2006 and quickly became involved with the local vineyard and wine making community. He enjoys helping newcomers get started with their vineyards and developing their winemaking skills. John is a former president of the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association and as a designated representative of the local wine industry, He spends significant time promoting local wines to the public and encouraging improved wine quality among his colleagues.

John, originally from Ohio, has lived in Ramona since 1991. Now retired, he was founder and Senior Vice President of Product Management and Development at Avadyne Health in San Diego. He was also the president of the Intermountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue board of directors for 8 years and remains active in the Ramona community.